Birlinn, 2019. 424 duilleag.

First published in 2009.

Warriors of the Word offers a broad overview of Scottish Highland culture and history, bringing together rare and previously untranslated primary texts from scattered and obscure sources. Poetry, songs and tales, supplemented by the accounts of insiders and travellers, illuminate traditional ways of life, exploring such topics as folklore, music, dance, literature, social organisation, supernatural beliefs, human ecology, ethnic identity and the role of language. This presentation of material allows the reader to appreciate Scottish Gaeldom from its own point of view, and demonstrates its vitality and wealth of renewable cultural resources. This is an essential compendium for all enthusiasts of Scottish culture.

This book is in English, with some quoted Gaelic texts.

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Warriors of the Word

  • Le: Michael Newton
  • Còd a' bhathar: 9781912476596
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