Bradan Press, 2020. 32 pages.

A is for ancestor. An ancestor is someone in your family who lived long before you were born. Many people living in Nova Scotia have ancestors who were Gaels from Scotland. The Gaelic word for 'ancestor' is sinnsear. 

Through joyful illustrations and creative concepts, this English-language picture book helps readers explore and celebrate what it means to be a Gael in Nova Scotia today.


Shelayne Hanson has been an elementary school educator in Nova Scotia for over 25 years. Grandparents and great-grandparents on both sides of her family spoke Gaelic, but as in so many families, the language was not passed on. Her appreciation of her own heritage deepened through her daughters’ learning experiences, and Shelayne supports her girls in sharing the traditions of their Gaelic heritage with others through music and education.


Etta Moffatt has been working as a designer and illustrator for 35 years. Through her work with museums, she rediscovered her own Gaelic roots. Named after her Gaelic-speaking grandmother, Etta carries on her storytelling tradition through illustration. Today she enjoys every opportunity to create designs and images that tell the stories of Nova Scotia Gaels to a new generation.


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Sgrìobh lèirmheas

Clàraich a-steach no clàraich leinn airson lèirmheas a dhèanamh

G is for Gael: An Alphabet of Nova Scotia’s Gaelic Culture

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